NCCP Competition 1 (Introduction)

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Competition 1 Pathway to Certification


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The NCCP training system for  Gymnastics Ontario Competition stream coaches is undergoing some important changes. NCCP levels are currently in the process of being phased out for all gymnastics disciplines.


Please note that there are several differences between the Levels System and Competition Stream for coaches looking to become certified (see below for more details).


The NCCP Competition 1 Technical course and Competition Introduction Theory online course are both requirements to be fully Competition 1 Trained.


For more information regarding NCCP Level 2 click here.






Coaches must meet the following requirements in order to register for any Competition 1 course:

Please note that certification in Foundations is not a requirement for Competition Introduction.



MED (Make Ethical Decisions) Online Evaluation


All competition coaches are required to complete the MED (Make Ethical Decisions) Online Evaluation.


This evaluation can be found under the eLearning tab in The Locker. To access this evaluation, coaches can sign into the Locker using their personal NCCP number.  Coaches who have completed their Foundations training will have access to this evaluation, free of charge.



Certification Pathway


Practical hours are not accepted for coaches trained under the Competition Stream. The practical requirement for certification, Competition 1 (Intro) Coach Evaluation Package, has been released by Gymnastics Canada.  Only trained/certified Coach Evaluators can perform an evaluation. Details and cost for the coach evaluation are to be agreed upon between the coach and the Coach Evaluator. There is a recommended fee of $140.00 per C1 Coach Evaluation. Coaches/Club Administrators may contact GO to be connected with a Trained Coach Evaluator. If you are a Level 2 Certified coach (or higher) and interested in become a Coach Evaluator (CE), contact the Education Program Manager for more details.



Competition Floor Access


Coaches or administrators may apply for a Coach ID once they have completed their Competition 1 (Introduction) course and MED online evaluation, granting full competition floor access for Gymnastics Ontario events. Coaches must be a minimum of Competition 1 (Introduction) Trained to be granted access to the competition floor. Coaches must have completed their Respect in Sport modules and MED evaluation before applying. A Coach ID is the easiest way to verify your trained/certified status. You can apply for a coach ID here. For help accessing your coach ID on Uplifter, please visit the NCCP help page.