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Welcome to the wonderful world of Gymnastics! 

Gymnastics is about ‘how the body moves’ and therefore is the Foundation Sport for all physical activity and sports.  As a parent, when you choose gymnastics as part of your child’s weekly activities, you’re giving them the best opportunity to develop their physical literacy – the fundamentals of moving the body and moving objects.  And when you choose a Gymnastics Ontario member club, you’re choosing a club that adheres to the Gymnastics Ontario operating standards and practices, from coaching certification and athlete preparation, to ensuring optimal safety and ethics in the sport.
We’re happy to have you as part of our gymnastics community!


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Fun gymnastics games and colouring pages for your kids


Some specific benefits of gymnastics participation:

Physical benefits: increased endurance, strength, power, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, and spatial orientation.
Social benefits: participants are required to listen, follow directions, take turns and be respectful to each other.  Participants in gymnastics classes learn to perform in front of others without anxiety, motivate one another, and build trusting, respectful relationships with their coaches and team-mates.
Cognitive benefits: there is a strong correlation between physically fit children and academic achievement; promoting healthy brain function and strengthening brain connections.
Character benefits: gymnastics lessons promote discipline, determination, courage and self-confidence, and children will benefit from learning from their mistakes.
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