Club Administration Forms


Sport Injury Report Form

GameDay Sport Accident Claim Form

Insurance Certificate Request Form

Event Sanction Form



Conflict of Interest Form

Non-Disclosure Declaration Form

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Award Nomination Form 

EdBrougham Club App Form 

Personal Record Long Service Recognition 

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Order Forms

Jagwear – Women’s Order Form

Jagwear – Men’s Order Form

Jagwear – Men’s Measuring Chart

Team Ontario Jacket Orders


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Membership Registration Forms

Athlete Return To Play Form

Competitive Athlete and Coach Participant Waiver, 2021-2022

Competitive Athlete Medical Data Record, All Seasons


Foreign Participant Registration, All Seasons


Music License Statement Form, 2021-2022 (Coming Soon!)

Unattached Participant Registration Form, 2020-2021

Unattached Participant Registration Form, 2021-2022 (Coming Soon!)


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NCCP Forms

Coach ID Online Application 

Gymnastics Foundations Coach Evaluation Package

Competition 1 Coach Evaluation Package

Level 2 Practical Form

Level 3 Practical Form

Gymnastics Foundations Coach Evaluation Form

Competition 1 (Intro) Coach Evaluation Form

Competition 2 (Intro Advanced) Coach Evaluation Form

GO Coach Evaluator Form –  Foundations **

GO Coach Evaluator Form – Competition 1 **

GO Coach Evaluator Form – Competition 2 **

** For the GO Coach Evaluator Forms, please contact

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Forms for Competition

WAG Call to Meet Template

RG Call to Meet Template – Invitational Event

RG Call to Meet Template – Official GO Event (PQ, EO, ON Champs)

TG Virtual Competition Directive Template (2021)

MAG Call to Meet Template

ACRO Call to Meet Template

CP-001 Coach Verification Form

Fit to Compete Form

Meet Director’s Report Form

Petition Policy Application

Program Oaths

Banner Sign Out Form

Note: Host Clubs please also see the Competition Hosting section, which can be found under each discipline’s page
Scoring System (MAG/WAG)  – Information for Clubs attending Competitions


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Sanction Forms

GCG Travel Authorization – Form A (2019)

2018-2019 ACROAERO Bid to Host

2018-2019 GFA Bid to Host

2020-2021 MAG Bid to Host (Google Forms)

RG Bid to Host – All Invitational Events

RG Bid to Host – All Official GO Events (PQ, Elite ON, ON Champs)

2020-2021 TG Bid to Host – Virtual Invitationals (Google Forms)

2019-2020 WAG Bid to Host – Tour Selection, Qualifiers & Invitationals

2020 Artistic Bid to Host – Ontario Championships

GCG International Host Competition Authorization 

2020 ACRO AERO Ontario Championships Bid to Host

2020 Artistic Ontario Championships Bid to Host

2020 Gymnaestrada Bid to Host

2020 T&T Ontario Championships Bid to Host

For the RG 2020 Ontario Championships Bid to Host, please contact

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Team Ontario and Travelling Team Forms

Application for Team Manager

Coach / Manager Competition Trip Report

Coach / Manager Athlete Evaluation Form

Consent for Travelling Minors

Team Ontario Jacket Orders

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Technical Committee Forms

Committee Minutes Template

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Competition Documents & Forms
Judging Forms

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Ontario Cup Registration Fee Refund Request Form

MAG Competitive Level Category Changes (Please Contact

MAG Judges Honorarium Form

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Ontario DD Card – All levels TRA-SYN 2020 v1.4*

Ontario DD Card – All levels DMT 2020 v1.3*

Ontario DD Card – All levels TUM 2020 v1.3*

*DD Cards can be filled out on a computer – download the file(s) – you must “Enable Editing” and/or “Enable Content” in order for the drop-down menus and auto-fill features to work properly.



Athlete Withdrawal Form

T&T Judge Honorarium Form 2020

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RG JR Competition Report

AGG JR Competition Report

KSIS Offline Topology Diagram

GO Equipment Request Form and Agreement

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