Gerry Corcoran – Lil Babineau Club Builder Award

For more than 25 years, Gerry Corcoran has been an integral part of Toronto Gymnastics International’s team, making sure the gym is operational and things run smoothly.


As a dedicated volunteer, he has literally built the club, coordinating the moves and relocation of TGI three times over this time period.  He has championed projects to layout the gym based on feedback and support from coaches.  He helped design, then move, the set-up and then change the design when the club expanded.


He has worked closely with Rick Schell from Spieth Anderson to develop and build our pit, and other elements in the gym that were then used as a template for Spieth to use at other facilities.


As an industry outsider, his knowledge of business and his no-nonsense approach has helped build the club into the large, successful facility it is today.


Gerry is often the unsung hero for the club.  TGI would not be what it is and continues to be without Gerry.


Gerry’s contributions to TGI are truly unmatched.  There is so much that wouldn’t be at the club with his involvement.