Gold Medal Performance at the 2017 ANAC Aerobics International

On July 29 th – August 2 nd , 44 aerobic athletes travelled to Phoenix, Arizona to compete at the 2017 ANAC International Aerobic Championship. We are very excited and proud to announce that a young trio of Canadian athletes from World Class Gymnastics won gold in the Junior AeroDance event.


Detailed results from finals below:

AeroDance Junior Trio (Eva Aragian, Kate Fox, Monique Rajcak – World Class GC) – 1 st place

AeroDance Varsity Trio (Nikola Marsillo, Abby Cook, Makayla Mignano – World Class) – 4 th place

Jane Fox (Varsity AeroDance Individual – World Class GC) – 5 th place

Grace Tiffany (Varsity AeroDance Individual – Brantford Gymnastics Academy) – 8 th place

Penelope Patterson (National Development Individual – Saltos Athletics) – 5 th place

Lera Horsfall (National Development Individual – Saltos Athletics) – 15 th place

Jenna Neil (Age Group 1 Individual – Saltos Athletics) – 11 th

Abby Cook (Age Group 1 Individual – World Class GC) – 13th



We would like to acknowledge all of the aerobic athletes for their outstanding efforts and performances. With the continued dedication and commitment from the athletes, coaches and judges, we look forward to future success on the International platform.

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