Gymnastics Ontario Membership Suspension – Amanda Waram

Posted May 12, 2023

Please be advised that Ms. Amanda Waram has been suspended for a period of three (3) months from membership with Gymnastics Ontario effective February 28, 2023, and in accordance with Gymnastics Ontario’s Discipline and Complaints Policy.


Following a hearing, Ms. Waram was found to have breached sections 6(f), (g), (h) of the Gymnastics Ontario Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy. The following excerpts from the Discipline Panel’s decision provide context regarding the breaches:


“The breaches identified in this decision can cause immediate and lasting harm to young people. I trust that the Respondent will no longer make alcohol available for anyone at any event or activity associated with the Club. I trust, also, that the Respondent has learned that she has a duty of care with respect to Individuals in her charge, and that she will both learn about, and exercise, more effective risk management strategies in the future.”


Gymnastics Ontario has a zero-tolerance with respect to the harm of any participant in our Federation. We are committed to supporting and listening to every individual who comes forward with a complaint. Our Board of Directors are committed to providing a Safe Sport environment for all participants that is accessible, inclusive, and free from all forms of maltreatment.


Requests for further information should be sent to Dave Sandford, Gymnastics Ontario’s Chief Executive Officer.

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