Halton Hills Gymnastics is Seeking a Director, Competitive Program and Head Coach


The Halton Hills Gymnastics Centre (HHGC) is a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing the youth, and residents of Halton Hills and surrounding communities with opportunities to discover, explore, and embrace the sport of gymnastics in a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment.


HHGC was transformed from the original Halton Hills Gymnastics Club with local roots dating back to 1977. Today, we are a vibrant, volunteer-led, professionally-managed organization that engages actively with families to support the Centre’s operations as well as partnering with the local community.



Position Type:                   Full Time, Permanent

Reports to:                        Executive Director

Direct Reports:                 All Competitive Coaching Staff

Pay Range:                         $55,000-$65,000 per annum



Oversight of all aspects of all competitive programs including planning, administrative, coaching and supervisory responsibilities. He/she holds a senior position with HHGC and will participate as an active team member, working closely with the Executive Director, Office Manager and Director, Recreational Programs in the overall operations of the Centre.



  • University Degree in Physical Education, Kinesiology, Sports Administration, or related area
  • NCCP Level 2 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Certification for Provincial
  • NCCP Level 3 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Certification for National
  • NCCP Level 2 Trampoline Certification
  • First Aid CPR Certification
  • Police Records Check – Vulnerable Populations



The Competitive Programs at HHGC are designed to give elite gymnasts at HHGC the opportunity to reach their full potential in a competitive environment as well as inspire and motivate those in the recreational program. HHGC is a member and operates under the jurisdiction of Gymnastics Ontario. The safety and best interests of the gymnast will be viewed as the highest priorities by the Centre. This elite program has the mandate, coaching, facilities, and resources to develop both provincial and national caliber gymnasts.



It is expected that the Director, Competitive Programs and Head Coach demonstrate the highest levels of integrity, dedication, loyalty, and confidentiality. All HHGC Policies and Procedures must to adhered to. A supreme effort must be made to earn the respect, trust and confidence of the gymnasts, parents, staff, and volunteers.



Planning / Programming

  • Responsible for overall planning and programming including categories, levels, ages, numbers of gymnasts, meets, calendar of events, uniforms, parent’s meetings, etc
  • Participate in the Annual Planning Process for the Competitive Programs
  • Review Competitive Handbook and recommend changes as required



  • Approve time sheets and expense reports of all competitive coaches
  • Planning and administration for all meets and events
  • Preparation for parent meetings, gymnast meetings / training / evaluation
  • Coordinate the planning and purchasing of gymnast’s competitive uniforms and training suits



  • Assume coaching responsibilities for select gymnasts and groups as required
  • Responsibilities include skill assessment and development, gymnast supervision, all aspects of training, ‘routine’ development and choreography, safety, meet preparation
  • Work with the Executive Director in recruiting Competitive Coaches



  • Work closely with the Executive Director, Office Manager and Director, Recreational Programs on scheduling activities in the facility
  • Prepare calendar of events including practice times, meets / events, holidays, etc


Budget / Work Plan Development

  • Prepare a work plan and budget for the program in accordance with the HHGC process
  • Work with the Executive Director to prepare a yearly budget for all revenue/expenses under your programs’ scope



  • Recruit, train/orient and evaluate competitive coaches
  • Complete a performance evaluation on each coach on an annual basis
  • Participate in an annual performance review with the Executive Director
  • Monitor the credentials of coaches and recommend professional development as required
  • Assign duties to competitive coaches as required


Parent Relations / Communication

  • Educate and communicate with parents regarding levels, coaching philosophy, skills, hours, schedule, evaluation, progress reports, upcoming activities, etc
  • Develop a system of communication using a variety of means including parent file folders, facility bulletin boards, e-mails and the ‘Connections’ newsletters
  • Work towards maintaining positive relationships with all parents, including encouraging regular opportunities for feedback from parents
  • Organize and lead a minimum of 2 formal parent meetings per year to review the gymnast’s goals, performance plan and progress



Communication / Reporting

  • Maintain up-to-date information regarding each gymnast’s skill level and goals – this includes test / assessment results, regular evaluation re: progress, goal setting and an action plan to accomplish goals. Ensure that each gymnast is competing at the appropriate level and encourage the pursuit of excellence in all areas and at all levels
  • Develop and implement a process whereby a gymnast makes a smooth and successful transition from the recreational program to the competitive program. A key component of this plan will be to hold an initial orientation meeting for parents. Responsibilities include: development of meeting content and materials, confirmation of participant attendance and meeting implementation
  • Attend all staff meetings as called by the Executive Director and be prepared to report on progress, accomplishments and issues regarding the competitive programs
  • Coordinate all e-mail information sent out to Competitive gymnasts and parents with the Office Manager, through the main office.



  • Evaluate the equipment to make sure it is adequate and appropriate for training
  • Responsible for equipment lay-out and re-configuration when necessary
  • Work closely with the Director, Recreational Programs on identifying equipment needs, evaluating condition of equipment, equipment sharing and replacement
  • Prepare a safety checklist for equipment for the purposes of assessing and documenting the overall condition of the equipment, wear and tear, safety concerns and replacement
  • Submit an equipment condition report to the Executive Director when requested


Safety / Risk Management

  • Train competitive coaches in the HHGC Safety / Risk Management procedures
  • Complete and submit GO Incident / accident reports when needed
  • Monitor and track safety qualifications of competitive coaches. Approve training, certification and other professional development initiatives for competitive coaches
  • Assess the needs of the Competitive gymnasts regarding first aid / training supplies
  • Supervise the Concussion Program ensuring timely testing, scheduling, education, etc



  • Responsible for ensuring that all available spots in all competitive programs are filled. This involves ongoing observation and assessment of the gymnasts in the recreational program as well as invitations to those gymnasts who have appropriate potential
  • Participate in the development of materials and information as well as try-outs, meetings and presentations to inform, orient and recruit gymnasts and their parents from the recreational to the competitive program
  • Assist the Executive Director in promotion, advertising and marketing activities involving the general public where required.


Other Duties & Responsibilities

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director in fulfilling the mandate of HHGC

Please send resume in confidence to:

Alex Bittermann

Executive Director


647 215 2035

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