Hosting NCCP Courses

Only Gymnastics Ontario Member Clubs can host an NCCP course.  For information on the specific NCCP courses offered, please refer to the NCCP course information provided here.

There are six steps to hosting a successful NCCP course:



Contact the Education Program Manager by email a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the desired date(s) for the course(s). It is helpful to have more than one option in mind, in case the first option is not available. Courses are approved based on GO’s existing schedule, Learning Facilitator availability and course demand. Please note that there is a maximum number of courses that Gymnastics Ontario is able to run at one time.


Course dates must be approved by the Education Program Manager before details are confirmed to ensure that they work within the course schedule. A host clubs is not permitted to run more than one NCCP course within their facility at a time. Host Club may request courses once per season quarter (July-September, October-December, January-March & April-June).


NCCP host facilities must be a registered GO Member facility. Host clubs may only run one NCCP course at a time within their facility, regardless of the gym’s set up.


All Technical NCCP courses must have exclusive use of the host facility. The Foundations Theory course and Competition 1 (Introduction) Theory modules have transitioned to online learning.


**Important notice: GO has reached course capacity for July 2022. Hosting requests will no longer be accepted for dates falling in the month of July 2022. 


Gymnastics Ontario requires the following information:


  1. Specific name of each course request (make sure discipline is included)
  2. Date(s) requested (enough time must be allotted for each course)
  3. Facility name and full address
  4. Mailing address for course material (if different from above)
  5. Contact name for facility
  6. Phone number for the facility
  7. Any protocols/procedures that are unique to the facility (re: COVID-19)
Note: The host facility may request a specific Learning Facilitator, but Gymnastics Ontario will finalize the Learning Facilitator selection.



If the course has been secured, Gymnastics Ontario will send you the host club a Hosting Agreement. Carefully review the agreement to ensure accuracy of the recorded information. If satisfied with the Hosting Agreement, sign and email/fax all pages back to Gymnastics Ontario.


NOTE: Keep a copy of the Hosting Agreement for reference to all terms agreed upon.


Demonstrators for all Competition Stream courses must be available for the dates of the course.


Demonstrators are not required for NCCP Foundations courses.


Demonstrator Requirements

Equipment Requirements

Competition Stream Hosting Requirements



Once the agreement is signed, Gymnastics Ontario will post the course on the registration website.


NOTE: Use this opportunity to sign up coaches from your own club. Facility will be reimbursed 1 registration fee per 4 club affiliated coaches registered.




Gymnastics Ontario reserves the right to determine if the course will run based on the number of registrations. Gymnastics Ontario will send the course paperwork and manuals to the agreed upon address the week of the course.


NOTE: Courses may be cancelled due to low registration numbers.




Host is responsible for opening and closing of the facility. A representative from the Host Club should work with the Learning Facilitator to ensure that they have all of the necessary equipment and demonstrators required for the course.




Host clubs must send Gymnastics Ontario an invoice for facility rental at a rate of $20/hour. Each invoice must have a unique invoice number. If the host club is HST registered, club must provide GO with a rental invoice ($20/hour + HST).  It is the responsibility of the host club to send Gymnastics Ontario a list of affiliated coaches registered in each of the hosted courses if claiming additional course fee reimbursement(s).