Demonstrator Requirements

Gymnastics Ontario will put the Learning Facilitator and the course administrator in touch with each other to confirm the number of demonstrators required and the times they will be required. Demonstrators are not required for NCCP Foundations courses.

Minimal Skill Level Required of Demonstrator:

Competition 1 (Introduction) Women’s Artistic


  • 1/2 on 1/2 off


  •  Kip Cast, Cast to Handstand, Straddle Back, Layout Flyaway, Shoot Over


  •  Back Walk Over, Backhand Spring, Back Tuck Dismount, Front Tuck Dismount


  • Round-off Back Handspring (3), Round-off Back Handspring, Back Tuck, Front Tuck, Front Walkover, Front Handspring


  • Split Leap, Sissone, Full Turn

Competition 1 (Introduction) Men’s Artistic

 Pommel Horse

  • Double Leg Circle


  • Muscle Up, Cross Support, Should Balance, Kip, Pullover, Levers (front/Back), Handstand, Swing: Dislocate, Back Layout, Inlocate, Back Uprise

Parallel Bars

  • Pike Inverted Swing:  Kip, Cast
  • Underarm Support Swing: Uprises (front/back)
  • Cross Support Swing: Handstand, Stutz
  • Long Hang Swing: Moy

Competition 1 (Introduction) Trampoline

  • Barani, Back Layout

Competition 2 (Introduction Advanced) Women’s Artistic


  • 1/2 on Full Off, Tsukahara, Front handspring on Front salto off, Handspring on Full Twist off


  • Straddle Back to Handstand, Back Giant to Handstand, Front Giant to Handstand, Layout Flyaway full twist, Stalder to Handstand, Shoot Over to Handstand


  • Back Walk Over, Back Handspring, Back Handspring, Back Handspring


  • Round-off Back Handspring Full Twist, Front Handspring Front salto


  • Switch Split Leap, Tourjete, Double Turn

Competition 2 (Introduction Advanced) Trampoline

  • Double back/front, Double Full