Kalev Estienne Celebrates 65 Years of Rhythmic Gymnastics at the Koop Cup

Carmel KallemaaThe 2016 Koop Cup International Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition celebrated both the 65th anniversary of the Kalev club in Canada and the 65th anniversary of rhythmic gymnastics in Canada.


Given the club’s Estonian roots, Evelyn Koop, the founder and President of Kalev Estienne, received congratulatory letters of appreciation from both the Estonian Minister of Culture, Laine Randjarv, and the Estonian Honourary Counsel in Canada, Laas Leivat. They recognized Mrs. Koop’s outstanding contribution to the development of rhythmic gymnastics in Canada and praised her tireless energy in supporting relations between the two countries through the beautiful sport of rhythmic gymnastics.


Results of the Koop Cup 2016 competition are as follows:


Ekaterina Selezneva from Russia won the overall gold; Anastasiia Mulmina from Ukraine won silver and the bronze medal went to Dora Vass from Hungary, for whom this was the last competition of her outstanding competitive career.13230764_1129263463783195_1348052158_o

In the Hoop routine, Anastasiia Mulmina (UKR) placed first, Ekaterina Selezneva (RUS) placed second and Katherine Uchida (CAN) placed third. In the Ball routine, Carmel Kallemaa (EST) placed first, Ekaterina Selezneva (RUS) placed second and Anastasiia Mulmina (UKR) placed third. In the Clubs routine, Anastasiia Mulmina (UKR) placed first, Carmel Kallemaa (EST) placed second and Katherina Uchida (CAN) placed third. For the Ribbon routine Ekaterina Selezneva (RUS) placed first, Carmel Kallemaa (EST) placed second and Grace Legote (RSA) placed third.


Russian senior RG group came in first overall and the Estonian group placed second. The Canadian junior RG group Salut came in first overall in their category.


Congratulations to all of the wonderful gymnasts who took part in the competition!


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