Kathy Kline Receives Gymnastics Ontario Recognition Award

Kathy Kline has been a competitive artistic coach at the Burlington Gymnastics club for 16 years and has 28 years of experience as a competitive coach.  In addition, she also serves as Burlington Gymnastics new parent liaison and tryout coordinator.


Kathy is incredibly well-known and liked by her athletes and colleagues for her energetic and cheerful personality.  She incorporates safety, creativity and humor in everyday training which is inviting and encourages current as well as potential competitive gymnasts and their dedicated families to grow in the sport.  The success of Kathy’s gymnasts does not stop at the podium.  The work ethic and self-confidence that she embodies and instills in each child is evident as they advance through gymnastics, education, and personal lives.  In this respect, Kathy certainly exemplifies how the sport of gymnastics nurtures strength – not only physically but also mentally, socially and professionally.


As the new parent liaison, Kathy is a friendly face and excellent contact for new families to interact with.  She is assuring and clear in her delivery, encouraging families to become involved in club relations, and ultimately support the success of their daughters.  Kathy is also responsible for artistic competitive athlete tryouts, which prove to be a great success each year.


A large proportion of Kathy’s success must be attributed to her encouragement of young gymnasts and incredible ability to see potential in new athletes.  This year she has initiated a new program with the Recreation Manager, working to ensure that advanced recreational athletes are learning proper techniques and progressions in order to transition seamlessly to the competitive program, if possible.  With this program in place, Burlington Gymnastics is sure to see continued and increased success in both our competitive and recreation gymnasts.


Kathy’s longevity at Burlington Gymnastics is not without immense personal growth and development.  She consistently seeks opportunities to educate herself by participating in courses and staff training, then sharing her knowledge with others in the gym.  For the past five years, she has been an active member-at-large on the Gymnastics Ontario Women’s Technical Committee and has been the Team Coach for Team Ontario tour and Eastern Canadian Championships.


As a role model and mentor to athletes and coaches alike, Kathy Kline’s dedication to athlete well-being, effective communication and the sport of gymnastics is extremely treasured by the Burlington Gymnastics Club.


Kathy has been committed to the sport of gymnastics for over 30 years.  She has a reputation in the gymnastics community for being a positive, energetic and supportive presence in our sport.  She is a champion of gymnastics and all that it teaches young girls and the positive impact it has on “whole person” development.  Kathy enthusiastically shares her love and belief in our sport with fellow coaches, parents and, most of all, her athletes.