Kitchener Waterloo Gymnastics is Seeking a Competitive Administrator

Competitive Administration:


  • Annual package distribution & collection
  • JackRabbit registration software management of competitive program
  • GO Registration / Federation Registration
  • Competitive billing management
  • Creation, distribution and circulation of fundraising and support hour tracking sheets
  • New member onboarding and parent meetings
  • Travel booking for staff and athletes
  • Registration for all attended meets in collaboration with Program Directors / Coordinators
  • Procurement of catering and judges gifts for mock meets / internal special events
  • Calendar management (input and update calendar entries for competitive program)
  • Management of data collection, ordering, billing, and distribution of swag / uniform items
  • Boutique inventory management and restock of grips, tape, wristbands


Hosted Competitions / Special Events:


  • Prepare and submit bids to host in collaboration with ED
  • KSIS event set up and management
  • Competition fee management for attending clubs/athletes
    • Tracking of balances owed / paid
    • Invoice creation
  • Assist in event management / venue bookings as requested


Membership Management:


  • Provide follow up and tracking of all Incident Report Forms prior to submission to appropriate organizations (GO, Insurance, etc.)
  • Act as liaison between the Gymnastics Community, GO, GCG and KWGC.
  • Assist with cross checking of class data entry in JackRabbit
  • Create reports as required for BOD, PDs, ED and OM


General Administration:


  • Provide customer service over phone, email and in person (Respond to inquiries and provide direction for registration and other inquiries, forwarding to appropriate contacts as needed)
  • Update Photo Consent for all members
  • Accept and verify deliveries (Verify packing slip and contents)
  • Management payment collection, refunds and credits
  • Manage Petty Cash
  • Perform other administration and office tasks as assigned by the Executive Director (ED).
    These may include attendance at meetings and professional development activities.


Funding Assistance:


  • Provide Customer assistance to secure funding from community partners.
  • Create and maintain resources related to the funding application process.




  • Assist with coordination of volunteers and staff required to support fundraising events.
  • Assist with fundraising information/product collection and distribution.

Reports To: Executive Director     Position:  Full-time (37.5 hours / week)

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