MAG Technical Bulletin, January 2013

MAG Technical Bulletin, January 2013

General Clarifications

  1. No hats of any kind may be worn on the Competition Floor or during the Award ceremonies.
  2. Please have gymnasts to return to the corrals after warm-up and to remain there until they are ‘on-deck’.
  3. Please have the gymnasts line up in a straight line while checking at the judge’s table. They should keep their hands off of the table and acknowledge their presence.
  4. Gymnasts should salute the apparatus head judge with one hand held high overhead.
  5. Double check that your NCCP certification meets the requirements for your gymnasts’ competitive level; Level 2 for Provincial, Level 3 for National and HP. Working outside your certification puts you and your club at risk in the event of an accident.
  6. The Host club is required to check that you have your Gymnastics Ontario Coach’s ID. Please bring it and show it to the registrar when asked. If you forget it, you will have to fill-out the appropriate form and pay $20.
  7. Ensure that your gym parents know what Level and Age Group their son is in so that they attend the appropriate flight.
  8. If you have any questions regarding your athlete’s Start Value, approach the judge immediately at the end of the rotation. You may only inquire about the Start Value and not the execution score.
  9. The judges should be seen as allies in your quest to improve your athletes’ performance. You’ve told them a thousand times to keep their legs straight, the judge agrees with you and to show your gymnast that you were right, deducts points from their score.


Provincial Clarifications

Level 1


  1. Any backward roll may be performed, but arms must be straight.

Level 2


  1. Gymnasts may not assist themselves (ex: use their arms, etc) into the pancake position.
  2. The gymnasts do not have to face the corner when performing their splits. Therefore, they pirouette the number of degrees required to face the corner that they started their routine in.

Pommel Horse:

The Russian dismount for bonus is as per the picture.

National Youth & Open Clarifications:


From this point forward, awards will be awarded only to sixth place for Youth and Open.

Qualifying Score:

The purpose of the qualifying score was to empower the coaches with a tool to get teenage boys working in the gym and to ensure that coaches were placing their gymnasts in the appropriate competitive category.

The MTC announced the qualifying standards in the October Technical Bulletin and set the score, arguably, fairly low based on last year’s results and the competitive requirements of the respective levels.

A 63.0 All-Around score for Youth means that the gymnast has averaged an 8.0 E-score (execution) and started from 12.3. A Start Value of 12.3 is quite low for a National level. It’s only 8 A-parts!

Granted, there are handles on the Pommel Horse, but we also ask our Provincial Level 4 and 5 to perform 7 A-parts.

The MTC is made up entirely of people with a vested interest in our MAG community; we are very motivated to keep teenage boys in the Program. Having said that, we are also tasked to ensure that Ontario has quality representation at Eastern and Canadian Championships. Therefore, the MTC will continue to set standards for participation in the above events and work with the MAG community to ensure that those standards are achievable.

Updated Qualifying Standards

  1. The qualifying score (Youth: 63 & Open: 65) must be achieved at one of the three Ontario Qualifiers.
  2. You must achieve the qualifying score to attend Ontario Championships. No petitions of any kind will be accepted and you may not drop down to Provincial Level 5.
  3. ‘Specialists’ may attend Ontario Championships if they achieve one of the apparatus qualifying scores listed below regardless of how many events they competed at that qualifier:
    1. Youth: 10.5 except on vault; 11.0
    2. Open: 11.0 except on Vault; 11.5


Eastern and Canadian Championships are Team events only.

 Individual competitors are not eligible to attend these events.

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