Margarita Oyarce Honored with Coach of the Year Award

Margarita is a Level 2 – High Five Certified coach with a Masters Degree in Physical Education and has been involved in gymnastics for over 25 years.


She was a Recreation/Competitive Coach with the Mississauga Gymnastics Club for six years before accepting the position of Recreation Director at Futures Gymnastics in 1997, where she has helped develop the Futures CIT Program and aided in growing the recreation program and its department that now hosts 900 athletes.


She has been the driving force behind the Futures CIT Program and the LIT Program producing safe, well educated, strong coaches that we have a privilege in hiring every year.  In turn, these coaches have become the reflection of Margarita’s longstanding career and her dedication to the field of coaching gymnastics.


Margarita has coached all ages and levels, from the very young – six month old, to our Generation Gym Program for the very young at heart.


Her love for gymnastics can be seen, and thus appreciated, every day as she welcomes her classes each morning.