National Aerobic Gymnastics Invitational: Young gymnasts shine

IMG_20150606_180514Members of the Brantford Gymnastics Academy jumped, tumbled and cartwheeled their way to victory at the inaugural National Aerobic Gymnastics Invitational.

At the competition, held June 5 to7 in Oakville, local gymnasts competed in individual and group routines.

The event was a combination of aerobic and acro gymnastics national competitions. There were participants from several provinces.

Placing first in the individual age 12 to 14 category was Grace Tiffany. Placing first in the individual age 15 to 17 category was Olivia Almeida.

Tiffany and Almeida, along with Madison Harding and Kitana Weiss, also placed first in the group routine.

Harding placed second in the individual age 15 to 17 category, and Weiss placed third.

“As a group we have fallen in love with the sport and the potential it has,” said Amber Tait of the Brantford Gymnastics Academy.

“We plan to work hard over the summer and develop more difficult elements for next year’s competition.”

What began as part of the fitness craze more than 20 years ago, has become a dynamic competitive sport.

The performances incorporate complex and high intensity movement patterns that originate from traditional aerobic dance.

Judges are evaluating athletes on their abilities to deliver perfectly executed elements of difficulty with artistic flair.

The winning routine shows excellent technique with a balance between airborne, floor and aerobic dance.

It includes elements of dynamic and static strength, flexibility, balance and the ability to perform high flying jumps.

The competitor must also include various combinations and sequences from the list of seven basic aerobic steps: knee lift, kick, jack, lunge, march, jog and skip.

“An aerobic routine never stops and is very fast paced,” said Tait.

“Aerobic gymnastics routines are designed to maximize core strength, power and flexibility.” In aerobic gymnastics, athletes can perform as individuals, mixed pairs, trio or group of six.

“I decided to introduce it at our facility to participate in the development of the sport,” said Tait.

“I see the potential it has and the opportunity that it provides for gymnasts both nationally and internationally. Our gymnasts have come a long way since the fall.”

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