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The Gymnastics Foundations Program has replaced the Level 1 (Technical, Practical and Introduction to Competition Part A) NCCP components for ALL gymnastics sports (MAG/WAG/TG/RG/Aerobics/Active Start)


Coaches must first ensure that they are Gymnastics Ontario Members (with a coaching status) in the season in which the course(s) take place. Coaches must also create a profile in The Locker, in order to obtain their National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Number.


There are three (3) separate components to the Gymnastics Foundations Training Program:

  • Foundations Introduction Course (technical)
  • Foundations Theory (MED & PP)
  • Sport Specific Course (technical)

Gymnastics Foundations Certification

  • Sport Specific Coach Portfolio (practical)
  • Coach Evaluation (in-gym evaluation or video submission)

Coaches have the option to sign up for all three courses over the same weekend. They may attend in the order that the courses are offered at a specific location, as long as they are registering for both the Foundations Theory and Foundations Introduction at the same locationover the same weekend.

Foundations pathway

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Foundations Introduction Course  

This course is an in gym 1 day course for ALL gym sports (MAG/WAG/TG/RG/Aerobic/Active Start). Course material includes

  • The gym philosophy: FUN, FITNESS FUNDAMENTALS
  • Elements of teaching, learning and class management
  • The 5 Common fundamental movement patterns:
    • Landings, Stationary Positions, Locomotions, Rotations and Springs

The coach-in-training must only complete the Foundations Introduction course once. After completing course the coach is considered to be ‘IN TRAINING’ and may assist a level 1 certified coach during gymnastics classes.

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Foundations Theory (MED and PP ) 

This course is an in class 1/2 day course for ALL gym sports (MAG/WAG/TG/RG/Aerobic/Active Start). Course material includes

  • Making Ethical Decisions (MED)
  • Planning a Practice (PP)

This course will normally be given in the same weekend as the Introduction and/or Sport Specific portion of the Foundations Course. This course must only be completed once.

After completing the Theory course the coach is still considered to be ‘IN TRAINING’ and may assist a level 1 certified or Foundations Trained coach during gymnastics classes.

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Foundations Sport Specific Course 

A coach-in-training can choose from the following gym sport courses:

  • Active Start Foundations (Pre-school)
  • Artistic Foundations
  • Trampoline Foundations
  • Rhythmic Foundations

A coach may take as many Sport Specific courses as they wish.  After successfully completing their first Foundations course, they may enroll in just the Sport Specific portion of any of the remaining gym sports.

After completing the Sport Specific course, along with the Theory and Foundations Introduction course the coach is now considered to be ‘TRAINED’ and may coach a gymnastics class on their own.

Trained Vs. Certified status

A coach may remain ‘TRAINED’ for their entire coaching career if they choose.  A coach may advance on to take the current NCCP Level 2 or Competition 1 (Intro) course if they are TRAINED or CERTIFIED.  

Certification Pathway

A coach must build and complete their coach portfolio, which can be found in the Foundations Coach Evaluation package. The completed coaching portfolio much be reviewed by a trained/certified NCCP Coach Evaluator. If you do not have a trained Coach Evaluator in your facility, Gymnastics Ontario can connect you with one.  Once the coaching portfolio has been reviewed and approved, the coach and Coach Evaluator will either set up a time to do an in-gym evaluation, or video tape submission of a lesson. The practical component of certification includes a practical coach portfolio and successful evaluation of a lesson. Details and cost for the coach evaluation are to be agreed upon between the coach and the Coach Evaluator. There is a recommended fee of $100.00 per Foundations Coach Evaluation. Click here for more information.

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