Ontario Aerobic Gymnasts Attend Fun Filled Training Camp at Brantford Gymnastics Academy

4318df19-f451-4879-9494-23a5f4916418Aerobic gymnasts from Hamilton & Brantford had a fun filled afternoon on December 13, 2015 at an Aerobics Open Training session hosted by Brantford Gymnastics Academy. Aerobic gymnastics coaches Kasey Whalen and Nicole Mignano of World Class GC and Amber Tait of Brantford GA organized and hosted the event, and shared their expertise with the 36 enthusiastic aerobic athletes in attendance.  The group warmly welcomed Leon Kabanza, FIG Brevet Aerobic Judge who has newly moved to Ontario.


Kasey, Nicole and Amber, along  with the expert assistance of Leon, offered an action packed program of choreography, skill development games and progressions that challenged the gymnasts both physically and creatively. The joy the athletes expressed in their routine performances was a true reflection of their love & enjoyment of the sport.

For more information about Aerobic Gymnastics Workshops and Invitationals please see the Gymnastics Ontario Aero & Acro event calendar or by contacting the Aero & Acro Program Manager.

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