Ontario Athletes named to 2016-2017 Rhythmic National Team

youtube_profileGymnastics Canada has named the 2016-2017 rhythmic gymnastics national team, and we are proud to state that over half of these athletes hail from Ontario!


The team was announced following a selection process that included results from 2016 Elite Canada and the 2016 Canadian Championships. A new senior group team has also been named following a series of open selection activities.


“The rhythmic staff and group coaches are very excited and feeling positive with the progress Canada’s senior group has made in the short time they have been together,” said Teresa Orr, National Team Director for rhythmic gymnastics at Gymnastics Canada. “The two new compositions (five hoops, and 3 ropes/2 balls) for 2017 are developing nicely and the team comradery is incredible. Each day the gymnasts arrive with exuberance, are motivated, and self-driven. Although there is still a lot of work to be done we are on the right path and look forward to the group’s debut in 2017.”


“On the individual side, Canada has a number of young, ambitious, and very talented rhythmic gymnasts moving up the ranks, including five first-year juniors that finished in the top-10 in the country at the Junior Level. This looks promising for the future and in particular for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games,” stated Orr.





Senior Individual:


  • Patricia Bezzoubenko, Toronto, ON
  • Carmen Whelan, Aurora, ON
  • Katherine Uchida, Toronto, ON
  • Cindy Huh, Vancouver, BC
  • Natali Nikolova, Montreal, QC
  • Emma Lozhkin, Toronto, ON
  • Athena Tsaltas, Georgina, ON
  • Megan Hamilton, Vernon, BC
  • Kaedyn Lashley, Winnipeg, MB
  • Anastasia Shanko, Thornhill, ON


Senior Group:


  • Elizabet Belittchenko, Toronto, ON
  • Anna-Marie Ondaatje, Toronto, ON
  • Cleo Page, Ottawa, ON
  • Crystal Dimov, Toronto, ON
  • Renna Cukier, Waterloo, ON
  • Alexandra Udachina, Toronto, ON
  • Vanessa Panov, Toronto, ON


Junior Individual:


  • Alexandra Chtrevenskii, Montreal, QC
  • Natalie Garcia, Mississauga, ON
  • Sophie Crane, North York, ON
  • Gabriela Georgieva, Vancouver, BC
  • Jaedyn Andreotti, Vernon, BC
  • Polly Krivchun, North Vancouver, BC
  • Katherine Savchenko, Thornhill, ON
  • Aretehya Haberman, Calgary, AB
  • Diana Noskova, Toronto, ON
  • Isabella Haldane, Vernon, BC


Sourced from Gymnastics Canada

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