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Ontario Gymnastics Week Social Media Challenges


Use the hashtag #ONGymWeekChallenge AND tag @gymnasticsontario when posting for Ontario Gymnastics Week’s
7 days of social media challenges!


Let’s spread our love of gymnastics far and wide!



*COVID-19 restrictions must be adhered to when participating in OGW activities.

**Schedule is of suggested posting days; clubs may record in advance and post on any day within Ontario Gymnastics Week that suits the club.

Post a photo/video…


SUNDAY (OCT 3): of your participants (recreational and/or competitive) having FUN!

MONDAY (OCT 4): of your gym’s favourite FITNESS (conditioning) activity!

TUESDAY (OCT 5): with two or more of your participants showcasing the same FUNDAMENTAL movement pattern (FMP) at the same time!

WEDNESDAY (OCT 6): showcasing FRIENDSHIPS in your gym!

THURSDAY (OCT 7): of a group handstand!

FRIDAY (OCT 8): showing how your gym celebrates new skill achievements!

SATURDAY (OCT 9): of your participants performing their “favourite skills” in series (one after the other, suggest 4-7 skills with varying FMPs)!



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