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The Ontario Mass Routine!!!

The Ontario Mass Routine is a group routine for all Gymnastics Ontario members.
  Designed to be performed by all ages, disciplines, and skill level, the Ontario Mass Routine is the official performance routine of Gymnastics Ontario!


The routine will be featured during Ontario Gymnastics Week
and Ontario Gymnaestrada!



The official Ontario Mass Routine 2020 is here!!!

(Performed to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling”)


Click on each of the 2 videos below to access the files through Google Drive
The Ontario Mass Routine Video shows the full routine to the music.
The Instructional Video will help you learn the choreography by breaking it down step by step.


Want the MUSIC FILE?  Click here to access just the music!


The Ontario Mass Routine Video (click the image to access)


The Instructional Video (click the image to access)



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