Reminders to Hosts, Coaches, Judges, and Athletes for all GO events

A few reminders based on situations that occurred at PQ1.

To all hosts, volunteers, coaches, judges, athletes – please ask all individuals who will be at competitions to remember that there are numerous allergies – there should be no nut products of any kind brought or sold, and please ask that perfumes or other scented products are kept to a minimum.

Specific items are below:

Host clubs

  • Please ensure videographers are recording the gymnast from beginning pose to final ending pose, and that they zoom out (or in) in order that should a video review be required, it can be seen whether the gymnast or apparatus was out of bounds.
  • Videographer must be ready to show the routine on a laptop within a couple of minutes of being requested by the JR / Meet Director
  • Ensure line judges have two red flags, and that they know how to use them
  • Ensure that there is a runner available at all times to place the apparatus – OR place apparatus on 3 sides as per FIG.
  • Scoring person must know which are the correct reports to produce. The apparatus report must show the D score, the E score, the deductions, and the total. (not just total). For PQ2, must also produce the Cumulative Report


  • Gymnasts will be deducted for incorrect dress if the suit does not meet the FIG COP, or if the undersuit shows, of if the gymnast is not wearing an undersuit
  • Make sure the coach name is on all scripts, the apparatus, and the correct level, and the club name (you can type it into the script program).  A deduction of .30 will apply per script at PQ2 and Provincial Championships if this is not done.
  • Use the host club runner – clubs are not to have their own athletes place apparatus, or the coach.
  • All clubs must ensure they have coaches of the right level available for the competition and that they are at the competition. Do NOT put down as a coach someone who will be judging. Your gymnasts will not be able to compete if you do not provide the proper level coaches
  • Remind your gymnasts that any bandages, or other athletic wrappings must either be skin coloured, or white or black. No other colours are allowed


  • Please ensure you wear the correct uniform – white collared shirt (not transparent) and dark blue or black jacket and pants /skirt. Please wear appropriate footwear and keep in mind you will be walking on gym floors that are expensive to maintain.
  • You must record your scores / mark your scripts in INK only. NO pencils.
  • You must record all your scores for both Difficulty and Execution (record the errors). Judges who do not do this will be dismissed from the panel.
  • No talking, no cell phones
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