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RG Competition Hosting

Meet Director’s Manual

Meet Director’s Manual – RG

KSIS Scoring Program Manual

KSIS Offline Topology Diagram

Applications to Host

RG Bid to Host – All Official GO Events (PQ, Elite ON, ON Champs, ERC) – bid link is emailed to all clubs when bidding window opens

RG Bid to Host – All Invitational Events

GCG-Authorization to host an international competition form

Competition Files

Directive – Official GO Event (PQ, EO, ON Champs)

Directive – Invitational Event

Judges Honorarium Form

CP001 Form – Note: this form must be filled by any coach who lacks a coaching card at the time of the event

Program Oaths

Gymnastics Ontario Meet Specific  Files

2022-2023 GO Welcome Letter

2022-2023 G.O. Public Service Announcement

2022-2023 Message from the President

2022-2023 VIP List of Life Members and GO

GO Banner Sign Out Form

GO Equipment Request Form and Agreement

Reports to be submitted after the event

RG JR Competition Report

AGG JR Competition Report

APPENDIX B – Meet Directors’ Report

Financial Competition Report