Rhythmic & Aesthetic

RG and AGG Technical Rules & Regulations

Section A: Program Structure

Section B: Voting & Election Procedures

Section C: General Competition Information

Section D: Safety Guidelines 

Section E: Athlete Policies & Guidelines

Section F: Coaches Policies & Guidelines

Section G: RG Judging Policies & Guidelines

RG – Appendix G – Funding for Canadian Championships

Section H: Managers Policies & Guidelines

Section I: RG Technical Rules & Regulations

Meet Director’s Manual – RG


GCG Technical Rules & Regulations

2022 Technical Rules and Regulations – Section 1

2022 Technical Rules and Regulations – Section 2

2022 Judge Rules & Regulations 

Apparatus Norms Table

2022-2028 FIG & GymCan Apparatus Designation

RG Virtual Events Guidelines

Rhythmic Gymnastics Charts

NEW 2024-2028 FIG & GymCan Apparatus Designation and Groups (source GCG)

2021 RGI & RGG Development Program Age & Level Summary (source GCG)

NEW 2024 RGI & RGG Development Program(source GCG) (GCG Provincial Chart)

2023 RGI RGG Development Chart – ON Modifications (ON Provincial Chart)

NEW 2024  RGI Development & Novice Program Requirements & Evaluation (source GCG)

2021 Development Program Skill Progression (source GCG)

2023 GO RG Interclub Stream Program

GO RG Ontario Development Program Chart

Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Rules & Charts

NEW AGG Interclub Chart

Interclub Chart Short Program

AGG Provincial Short Program Chart

CAGG modification to IFAGG Rules for Children

IFAGG Competition Rules (Children)

IFAGG Competition Rules (Junior & Senior)

NEW IFAGG Short Program General Information

NEW Short Program Technical Value (all categories)

NEW Short Program Artistic Value Table

IFAGG Short Program (Children)

IFAGG Short Program (Junior & Senior)

List of Updates to Competition Rules (IFAGG)