Rhythmic & Aesthetic

RG and AGG Technical Rules & Regulations

Section A: Program Structure

Section B: Voting & Election Procedures

Section C: General Competition Information

Section D: Safety Guidelines 

Section E: Athlete Policies & Guidelines

Section F: Coaches Policies & Guidelines

Section G: RG Judging Policies & Guidelines

RG – Appendix G – Funding for Canadian Championships

Section H: Managers Policies & Guidelines

Section I: RG Technical Rules & Regulations

Meet Director’s Manual – RG


GCG Technical Rules & Regulations

GCG Judge Rules & Regulations

GCG RG Score Inquiry Process and Form

GCG RG Tech Rules

Apparatus Norms Table

Rhythmic Gymnastics Charts

2019 Development Program Age & Level

2020-2024 FIG & GymCan Apparatus Designation (source GCG)

2021 RGI & RGG Development Program Age & Level Summary (source GCG)

2021 RGI & RGG Development Program (source GCG) (GCG Provincial Chart)

2020 RGI RGG Development Chart – ON Modifications (ON Provincial Chart)

2021 RGI Free Requirements(source GCG)

2020 RGI Free Requirements – ON Modifications

2020 RGI & RGG Apparatus Chart  (source GCG)

2021 Development Program Skill Progression (source GCG)

2020 GO RG Interclub Stream Program

2020 GO RG Ontario Development Program Chart

Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Rules & Charts

2020 GO RG Ontario Development Program Chart

AGG Interclub Rules

AGG Interclub Chart

AGG Interclub Short Program Chart

CAGG modification to IFAGG Rules for Children

IFAGG Competition Rules (Children)

IFAGG Competition Rules (Junior & Senior)

IFAGG Short Program (Children)

IFAGG Short Program (Junior & Senior)