Ryan Weaver, Rebound Products, Receives Customer Service Award

Ryan has a long history in the production of gymnastics and trampoline equipment, working at Apple Equipment for many years with his family.  He has more recently found his place at Rebound Products.


Ryan is a perfect match for Rebound, as the company is committed to providing the best quality of products to their customers.  Ryan gives the best possible customer service.


Ryan does a lot of sewing for the matting at Rebound, so he is familiar with the production line and with the importance of quality control of their products.  Ryan makes an exhausting effort to ensure his customers have a positive experience, and he always returns calls to respond to questions or concerns.


During the pandemic, Ryan was determined to provide an update on his products.  He researched how disinfectants/cleaners/sanitization aids would affect specific materials as well as conducting experiments with different products and working with suppliers to ensure their products were used correctly.


Rebound is not in the business to use these products, nor to endorse them, but to ensure their customers were given information to preserve the quality of Rebound’s equipment.