Sarah Chapman – Coach of the Year – Competitive – Women’s Artistic

Sarah is an exceptional coach who has brought out the best in her athletes and has created an extraordinary team at Dynamo Gymnastics through her professionalism, exceptional knowledge, compassion and rigour.


She is completely fluent in the rules governing the Xcel stream and building routines structured specifically to challenge our athletes and showcase them at their best.  Sarah treats all her athletes with respect and honours everyone’s potential.


The outcomes are impressive.  Every one of the nine athletes on Sarah’s team stood on the podium during this competition season.  As a group, they won a total of 87 medals, including 36 gold, 20 of which were gold overall.


The true value of Sarah’s coaching is the sense of community, commitment, and belonging she builds with her athletes.  There is a space for each athlete on this team, regardless of skill level.  She acknowledges the emotional/mental component of the sport,  helping young athletes work through fear, anxiety, frustration, and self-doubt.  Sarah gives her team the time, space and encouragement necessary to conquer difficult skills.


Time in the gym under her leadership has taught our children about themselves as athletes, as teammates, as citizens, and as people.  It shows them the joy of achieving goals, working together, and having fun while working hard.


Sarah Chapman is the epitome of what good coaching and positive sport looks like.