Shirley Joost – Lil Babineau Club Builder Award

Shirley has spent countless hours building this sport for many clubs, including Velocity Sport and Vertical Zone. She began as a parent at Wasaga Beach YMCA and has volunteered her time in at least eight other clubs since then.


Whether it is ordering warm-up suits for Hurons, measuring and ordering gym suits for Velocity Sport, customizing 110 athlete gifts for Vertical Zone hosting Elite Ontario, or setting up the clothing order for Skyriders, Shirley is there to turn an idea into reality.


Her seamstress skills have been used for sewing foam block covers for the entire pit at Hurons and designing ninja headbands.  Shirley has spent time organizing and assisting with many recitals and awards nights, moving clubs from building to building, fundraising for athletes to travel to meets, and filling an administrative position as a volunteer.


At Gymnastics Ontario events, Shirley has been a team manager at training camps and Easterns.


Shirley started as a gymnastics Mom like many others, but she is so much more than an ordinary gymnastics Mom !