Simca Shiffman-Morris, Vertical Zone Trampoline Club, Receives Trampoline Coach of the Year Award

Coach Simca is the recreational coach that every athlete is excited to see.  Every parent is excited to hear that Simca will be their child’s coach again.  Coaches always enjoy watching her classes and learning from her enthusiasm and her love of the sport.


With nearly 20 years of coaching under her superhero belt, Simca still continues to raise the bar each and every session.  She constantly thinks outside the box, developing new and fresh warm-ups, camp activities, games and challenges for every age group.


Simca puts her heart and soul into every day at the gym, no matter what her day was like before she stepped through the front door.  She always goes out of the way to include every child in activities.  She teaches respect and kindness by leading by example.  She is the first one to call herself on a mistake and strives to improve.  She can find positive words for every child’s achievements, big or small.


Simca has advanced her coaching knowledge continuously throughout her career and constantly rises to every challenge.


Simca is an amazing part of the Vertical Zone program and the staff are proud to have her as a teammate.