Stephanie Dovigi – Coach of the Year – Competitive – Acrobatics

Olympia Gymnastics is proud to have Stephanie Dovigi as part of our team.  In 2017 Stephanie’s young daughter was asked to join the new acro program.  As the acro coach had retired, Stephanie  took over coaching the program, attending the Comp 1 Acro Pilot Course offered in September 2019.  She continuously researched, attended every training camp and asked all of the coaches and judges questions every change she got.


She was able to get through the challenges of the pandemic and rebuild the team.  The team had an incredible year at the 2022 Canadian Championships with the following results:


Level 7 Women’s Pairs – Gold

Level 7 Women’s Group -Silver

Level 8 Women’s Pairs – Bronze


Result from the 2023 Ontario Championships:


Level 5 – Gold

Level 6 – Silver

Level 8 Women’s Pairs and Women’s Group – Gold


Stephanie took her team to compete at the Vegas Acro Cup, their first International competition.  Stephanie is a dedicated, positive coach who is a great ambassador for Acrobatics in Ontario and supports all athletes and coaches.