Tatsiana Kastsenkava – Coach of the Year – High Performance – Rhythmics

Tatsiana takes great pride in developing national level athletes who consistently attain the coveted high performance status at both junior and senior levels and regularly become part of Canada’s National Team.


Last year’s results include:


  • Two senior high performance gymnasts qualified for the Senior National Group.
  • Junior high performance gymnasts won Elite Canada, Elite Ontario, Canadian Championships, placed 4th All Around at PanAm Championships and 27th at the Junior World Championships
  • Junior Group won Elite Canada, Canadian Championships, placed 4th at PanAm Championships and 28th at the Junior Worlds
  • Novice Group were the champions of Elite Ontario, Elite Canada and Canadian Championships
  • Novice individual performers won and became 1st and 2nd runners-up at Elite Ontario, Elite Canada, placed 1st and 3rd at Eastern Championships and placed 2nd and 3rd at Canadian Championships


Tatsiana is an exceptional coach who trains gymnasts to achieve excellent results.