Team Ontario Gymnastics

Gymnastics Ontario selects athletes to represent Ontario in each discipline for a variety of events each season.  Such events include Tour, National and Canada Cup, Ontario and Canada Winter Games, as well as Eastern and Canadian Championships.

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In continued efforts to support the Long Term Athlete Development and Canadian Sport for Life each discipline has specified Rules and Regulations for pertaining to competencies of athletes.  Click here to refer to the Rules and Regulations for each discipline.

Tour Selection/Tour

Each discipline organizes a Tour and Tour Selection every season.  The Tour varies on competitive levels from discipline to discipline but the process and importance remains the same.  Gymnastics Ontario and the Committees take a lead role in establishing these events.

Tour is fundamental in each discipline to offer continual opportunities for the development of athletes after they have specialized in a gymnastics discipline.  Consistency and quality of performance becomes essential in development and athletes aged 10 and over for females or 12 and over for males should have the opportunity to participate in Tour Selection and compete for a spot on the Tour Team.

Elite Canada for MAG/WAG/RG and Canada Cup for T&T is the first step for gymnasts in reaching the Winning at All Levels stage of development.  Athletes attend Elite Canada and Canada Cup seeking podium success to demonstrate their ability to achieve success as a member of a Canadian Team.  It is here that athletes have now specialized completely and are starting to attain true podium performances.

These Games are held every four years and involve athletes at the Winning at All Levels stage of the Long Term Athlete Development Model.  Gymnastics Ontario and its members pride itself on a high level of success at the Canada Games.  Disciplines included are MAG, TRA and WAG.

Gymnastics Ontario prides itself on ensuring the right team is selected to achieve success and the best ranking possible at the Games.  Each program is responsible to look at the process for selection to the Team on a continual basis.  Selection competitions and events can be held on a continual basis depending on the particulars of each discipline.

This event has participation in MAG/WAG/RG/T&T and is the premier Canadian event for the Eastern Provinces. Eastern Canadians is seen in the LTAD for those athletes striving to become consistent competitors.

Canadian Championships

Canadian Championships is the pinnacle event for the season, culminating a year of hard work by Athletes and Coaches alike.  Canadians is for the Winning at All Levels athlete in the LTAD.  It is often a, and the only, combined event which has representation from all the Gymnastics disciplines.

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