Team Ontario Wins Big in Las Vegas!

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WAG Delegation 1



The level 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 athletes and Team Coaches traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to represent Ontario in the 2017 Lady Luck Invitational competition held at the South Point Hotel, January 13-15, 2017.


Thank you to Brown’s Gym for an amazing competition and letting us train at their home club on Thursday in preparation for the competition.Level 6 Team 5



Level 6 Team  

Athletes: Teagan Caulfied (Quinte Bay), Alexandra Facchini (Pickering), Kali Stadke (Galaxy), Kennedy Peddie (Twisters), Shannon Singh (Pickering), Halle Ranger (Xperience), Deanna Graham (Lindsay) and Payton Bottomley (Twisters)






Level 7 TeamLevel 7 Team 2

Athletes: Kezura Souphommanychanh (East York), Hanna Jones (Futures), Ella McPhail (Trillium), Hailey Kohler (Infinity), Jesselyn Hale (Loyalist), Katie Berry (Kawartha), Paige Busby (Pickering) and Helene Bouffard (London GA)





Level 8 Team

Athletes: Meghan O’Mara (Twisters), Rachel Caldwell (Twisters), Kyla Dickson (Burlington), Chloe Lin (East York), Keragan Gervacio (Mississauga), Grace Wice (Manjak’s), Aleya Morin (East York) and Brooke Rutledge (Twisters)Level 8 Team 1










Level 9 TeamLvel 9 Team

Athletes: Abigail Lam (Tristar), Wynne Allen (KW), Alena Beniamin (London GA), Charlie Lister (Oakville), Hannah Chan (East York), Olivia Brunetti (Burlington), Justina Skalskyte (Guelph) and Kasey Peter (Pickering)










Level 10 (14+) TeamIMG_20170114_162346

Athletes: Grace Rojas (Manjak’s), Nika Takagi (SGI), Emma Milne (SGI), Hannah Scharf (Northern Stars), Kathryn Doran (Oakville), Alexandria Kline (Burlington), Anna Kasztenny (Markham) and Madison Hocking (Manjak’s)


Level 10 (11-13) Team

Athletes: Jenna Sartoretto (Futures), Jovie Richardson (Bluewater), Lauren Mounsey (Futures) and Jada Niles (Futures)



Level 6 – Sarah Moore (Pickering) and Jennie Rielly (Quinte Bay)

Level 7 – Kelli Gregory (Trillium) and Marguerite Gagnon (Loyalist)

Level 8 – Kim Rae (Twisters) and Kim White (East York)

Level 9 – Alex Bezouska (TriStar) and Charmaine Dilley (KW)

Level 10 (14+) – Chris Hanley (SGI) and Kelsey Arnold (Manjaks)

Level 10 (11-13) – Nadia Bruno (Futures)



Connie Martineau



Catherine Maddigan

Angela Herrington


Personal Coaches

Liz Brubaker (Bluewater), Dave Brubaker (Bluewater), Jenna Gleza (Burlington), Mitch Gorgos (Futures), Kaylie Callan (Guelph), Becky Ansell (Kawartha), Caitlin Kachmar (London GA), Tammie Gray (Mississauga), Debbie Siemon (Pickering), Shelley Lee (Trillium) and Dmitri Lely (Xperience)



The Lady Luck Invitational had approximately 2500 athletes competing over the three days of competition which Team Ontario had many successes!


Team Achievements 

Level 6 – 1st with a score of 113.700

Level 7 – 1st with a score of 114.000

Level 8 – 1st with a score of 113.325

Level 9 – 2nd with a score of 111.425

Level 10 – 5th with a score of 109.600


While the athletes competed as a team they also achieved individual all-around successes:


All Around


Level 6 – Group 3

Kennedy Peddie – 1st


Level 6 – Group 4

Kali Stadtke – 1st

Teagan Caulfiend – 2nd

Shannon Singh – 3rd

Halle Ranger – 4th

Alexandra Facchini – 5th

Deanna Graham – 6th

Payton Bottomley – 7th


Level 7 – Group 4

Paige Busby – 2nd

Katie Berry – 3rd

Kezura Souphommanychan – 4th

Hailey Kohler – 5th

Helene Bouffard – 7th


Level 7 –  Group 5

Hannah Jones – 1st

Jesselyn Hale – 2nd

Ella MacPhail – 3rd


Level 8 – Group 3

Kyla Dickson – 1st

Brooke Rutledge – 2nd

Keragan Gervacio – 4th

Rachel Caldwell – 5th

Grace Wice – 6th

Chloe Lin – 13th


Level 8 – Group 4

Meghan O’Mara – 1st

Aleya Morin – 3rd


Level 9 – Group 1

Wynne Allen – 4th

Olivia Brunetti – 6th

Hannah Chan – 7th


Level 9 – Group 3

Charlie Lister – 6th

Abigail Lam – 8th


Level 9 – Group 4

Alena Beniamin – 1st

Justina Skalskyte – 3rd

Kasey Peter – 8th


Level 10 – Group 1

Jenna Sartoretto – 5th

Jada Niles – 6th

Jovie Richardson – 11th

Lauren Mounsey – 12th


Level 10 – Group 2

Anna Kasztenny – 11th


Level 10 – Group 3

Hannah Scharf – 4th

Alex Kline – 5th

Emma Milne –8th

Nika Takagi – 11th


Level 10 – Group 4

Kathryn Doran – 10th

Madison Hocking – 11th

Grace Rojas – 13th


Full Results can be found at:


Congratulations to all the Ontario ATHLETES AND COACHES!!!



What is next for Team Ontario?

Eastern Canadian Championship and Canadian Championships – Team Ontario will be selected from the Ontario Championships competition, April 6-9, 2017 to participate in the Eastern Canadian Championships, May 5-7, 2017, in Sackville, New Brunswick, and Canadian National Championships, May 23-28, 2017 in Montreal, Quebec.


We look forward to these upcoming events!

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