Tristan McDermid – Cameron Namek Coach Excellence Award

Toronto Gymnastics International is proud to recognize Tristan as a dedicated coach who works with our men’s competitive, women’s competitive and recreational programs throughout the year while also balancing competing as a Senior National athlete.


Tristan is a kind and patient coach who focuses on development of the whole child.  He treats all his athletes with respect and is an excellent example of what we look for in a coach.


Tristan is a role model in the club as he works to keep his eligibility to compete across Canada while also inspiring our younger athletes to reach higher and to contemplate staying in the sport for longer as well.


He is well versed in the latest updates and changes in the sport, adapting how they impact him and his fellow athletes, helping them achieve more and do better.


Tristan received his Comp 2 coaching certification the week everything locked down for the pandemic.  Since then, he has contributed to the education of fellow athletes through leadership of workshops at TGI.  He is always eager to share his findings, with his fellow coaches.


Tristan provides support to his peers in the gym as well as serving as a mentor for our junior coaches.