WAG 2021-2022 Technical Erratas & Clarifications

Level 1-5 Compulsory Quick Reference Charts (December 2021)***

Thank you to the OCP Working Group for their work on these documents.



WAG Technical Errata & Clarification – March 2022

*Coach questions/clarifications for the OCP Working Group – please email wag@gymnasticsontario.ca.



USAG Complimentary Level 6/7 Vault Practice Judging Video

Will It Flip? – A helpful guide to judging Level 6/7 Vault



WAG Athlete Development Pathway Resource

WAG Official’s Development Pathway Resource

How to Start an Xcel Program by USA Gymnastics*

*please remember that Ontario is only using Bronze, Silver and Gold levels and we are using our own warm-up and equipment standards.
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