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Meet Director’s Manual

2023-2024 Meet Directors’ Manual

2023-2024 Meet Directors’ Course

2023-2024 Meet Directors’ Course – WAG

WAG Scheduling Summaries: Time Per Session | Time Per Athlete | Scheduling Notes (updated 2023.10.17)

2023-2024 KSIS User Manual updated 23.11.15

2023-2024 KSIS Online Course

WAG OCP Equipment Specifications Quick Reference


Applications to Host

2023-2024 Artistic Ontario Championships  Bid to Host Application
2023-2024 WAG Qualifiers & Invitationals  Bid to Host Application

GCG-Authorization to host an international competition form
*clubs who want to invite/have participants from outside Canada this form needs to be completed

WAG Equipment Checklist

ODP Equipment Checklist


Competition Files

Directive (Template)

Judging Panels (Template)

Judging Forms

True Sport Oaths – Athlete, Coach, Officials

Athlete Cards – Template

ODP Participation Certificate – Template

Coach’s Inquiry Form

Coaches Protest Form

Minor Officials Instructions – VAULT (as of August 2023)

Minor Officials Instructions – BARS (as of August 2023)

Minor Officials Instructions – BEAM (as of August 2023)

Minor Officials Instructions – FLOOR (as of August 2023)



ODP Score Sheets

ODP Scoring Program –  Note: Please contact WAG Program Manager at wag@gymnasticsontario.ca 

Gymnastics Ontario Meet Specific Files

2023-2024 G.O. Public Service Announcement

2023-2024 GO Welcome Letter

2023-2024 Message from the President

2023-2024 VIP List of Life Members and GO Staff

GO Banner Booking Request

Reports to be submitted after the event

APPENDIX B – Meet Directors’ Report

APPENDIX A – Budget – Word

APPENDIX A – Budget – Excel