Whitby Gymnastics is actively seeking a WAG Competitive Coach!

Specific Job Duties:


  • Plan, prepare and facilitate weekly, monthly and yearly group practice.
  • Work cooperatively with Head Coach, Program Coordinators, and program coaches.
  • Carry out new gymnastics related program improvements instructed by Program Coordinator.
  • Monitor facility equipment for safety, maintenance, and replacement needs.
  • Attend and supervise athletes at gymnastics competitions.
  • Attend various continuing education meetings, workshops and seminars.
  • Assist at host competitions for in-house events and fundraisers.
  • Provide timely and accurate communication with parents/guardians of participants.
  • Keep office staff informed of any competitive registration changes or special circumstances.
  • Accept regular feedback from Compulsory Program Coordinator.
  • Learn, demonstrate, and correct compulsory routines required by athlete level.
  • Complete bi-annual progress report cards for all athletes within assigned compulsory group.


Coach Skills and Qualifications

  • Minimum N.C.C.P. Level 2/Intro to Comp 1
  • Valid First Aid and CPR
  • Risk Management and Respect in Sport online course
  • Minimum 1 year in level 3-6 competitive coaching
  • Organizational Astuteness, Managing Processes, Process Improvement, Reporting Skills, Training, Client Relations, Supports Innovation, Developing Standards, Proven Technique Success.


Position Classification: Competitive Coach

Term: Permanent Part -Time

Hours: 16 – 18 hours per week

Compensation: negotiable based on experience

Reports to: WAG Program Coordinator


Apply with trusted confidentiality to Kim Dunning via competitive@whitbygymandcircus.com

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